How to Repair Windows Errors with PcKeeper in a Click

  Possibly at some time you have been infected with viruses on your PC, and these have disabled applications of the operating system, be it task manager, regedit, control panel, hidden folders, etc., etc. The first thing we would have to do is download and pass a good antispyware program like: PCKeeper After the program cleans our system run this GREAT program to solve the errors caused by viruses or the system itself, that has been caused by screenshots or bad installations, drivers, ect .. PCKeeper (Free) Microsoft Automatically fixes problems or errors in Windows with Microsoft PcKeeper (Internet connection required). PcKeeper works under all current versions of Windows. This tool automatically looks for and corrects the most common problems of equipment and devices. It also helps prevent new problems from arising by proactively looking for known issues and installing updates. PCKeeper helps to consolidate most diagnostic steps and repair a problem into an automated tool that does the work for you. You can start using PCKeeper on any computer with an Internet connection. Just download the Fix it Center client and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. We recommend that you log on to the Fix it Center website during the installation process to manage all the computers from a single location, you can even view the solutions specific to each computer. Download PCKeeper Microsoft

Installing PCKeeper

Once downloaded the program PCKeeper of Microsoft, we execute it and we accept the conditions of the license, next click. Downloading the necessary files. Once installed, ask us to personalize it and confirm, click the recommended option. Now (Recommended) and click Next The program collects information from our system in this case, as our system is Windows 64Bits, as it will collect all information from it. NOTE: If you run the program on another system, either Windows Vista, or Windows XP SP3, ect .., it will do the same These problem solutions have been chosen considering their hardware and software. Installed problem fixes will be updated automatically as new versions become available.   If you leave checked the options when there are updates of the automatically checked programs will be updated, if you drop them that will not happen, we leave it to your choice. Here it shows that if we have at some point request online help from the support of the program (Free) for not being able to solve this error in the system we can request help having Microsoft Windows Live account, if you have an account login, if you do not have the account you create Through the program that takes you to that page. If you press NO, you can access later in the program in the option below Settings, click next. We have already configured our program, click Finish. When running the program panel we can see that we have available the repair options, and if you click on the details you will see all the detailed information. Here we will test, although our device works correctly, Audio playback and press Execute. It shows us two options to choose from.
  • 1.- Detect problems and apply patches for me (Recommended)
  • 2.- Detect the problems and let them select the solutions to be applied We choose the first   option .. and click next.
In this case as we have the headphones connected to the equipment it also detects them and gives us to choose, press the option of the speakers and press next. It tells us that our sound card has no error, which we already knew, if you had any error should solve it .. click on Close. Once the previous screen is closed, it shows us in detail the complete information and the possible solutions if they could not be repaired .. I hope this manual will help you to solve the most common errors and problems in Windows